What educators are saying about us:

With Home & School Connection, parents are being given relevant information that they can easily implement. Parents love reading the newsletter and are glad that we take the time to send them this type of help.

Randy Seabrook, Principal, P.S./I.S. 111 Jacob Blackwell, Long Island City, NY

I definitely recommend High School Years. This newsletter saves me a great deal of research time and effort. Difficult issues are handled without undue controversy. And yet, subjects are addressed rather than ignored. Many parents have thanked me for receiving this guidance in such a positive way.

Principal, Euclid, OH

The newsletter is a great way for us to communicate with parents, enhance their skills, and help them understand what’s developmentally appropriate for their early learners.

Pre-K Family Resource Coordinator, Dalton, GA

Parents are more apt to work with their kids when they are provided reading skill activities to incorporate into daily life. Reading Connection offers activities that require minimal parent time for maximum effect.

Principal, San Gabriel, CA

Math + Science Connection is a wonderful resource to utilize. It connects the home and school in a very meaningful way.

Wayne D. Wells, Principal, Charlton-Pollard Elementary, Beaumont, TX


Nutrition Nuggets is the best buy since the beginning of time. It’s turnkey, and they think we did it all!

Bonnie Wheeler, Director, Littleton, CO, School District

Not only do our students’ parents read Middle Years…they count on it. If we have a delay in sending it home to them, they call looking for their issues. They particularly appreciate the help with the difficult issues parents of middle school children face. We wouldn’t be without it!

Principal, Fairport, NY


Sending Recipes for Success home has improved our students’ academic achievement. It offers an excellent way for parents to help children develop learning and thinking skills. Parents are always pleased and sometimes surprised to find they can make such a difference.

Parent Liaison, Union Springs, AL