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Home & School Connection is easy, informative, and student friendly. It helps save me time from doing my own newsletter, and it fits all my needs.”

Principal, Jasper, GA

“Once I began using Middle Years, I canceled my other enclosures and parent updates—I no longer needed them.”

Principal, Salt Lake City, UT

Nutrition Nuggets “is the best buy since the beginning of time. It’s turnkey, and they think we did it all!”

Child Nutrition Program Director, Littleton, CO

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  • Monthly issues to send home to parents, September through May
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The job titles are many and varied. In short, RFE subscribers include educators, administrators, and food service management personnel who want to help parents help their children succeed in—and out of—school. Here’s a sampling of job titles from our roster:

Principal… Assistant Principal… Superintendent… Assistant Superintendent… Title I Director… Title I Coordinator… School Counselor… Head Start Director… Preschool Director… Day Care Center Director… Reading Specialist… Reading Teacher… Family Resource Coordinator… Coordinator of Parental Engagement…  Parent Liaison… School Nurse… Food Service Director… Math Coaches… Reading Coaches… Media Coordinators… Title I Teacher… Nutrition Coordinator… Parental Service Coordinator… Family Literacy Specialist…

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Subscriber spotlight

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