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Recipes for Success

For parents of K-6 children

Recipes for Success
will help:

  • Strengthen academics, behavior, and study skills
  • At-home learning activities are simple and easy to understand
  • Build positive character traits
  • Attention-grabbing, so they actually get used!
  • A great tool for Title I parent involvement

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  • ADA compliant
  • Also available in Spanish
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2019–2020 Pricing

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You’ll get 2 free bonuses—a $40 value—when you order a full school-year subscription! (Order 5 issues, and you’ll get 1 free bonus—a $20 value.)

HS13xx398EA Everyday Discoveries—$20 value
What will children discover about language arts, math, and science with this bonus? Lots! They will practice letter sounds with a “secret sound bag,” graph stuffed animals, experiment with the science of reflection using a homemade mirror, and more. Yours to reproduce.

Learning on Your Feet—$20 value (9-issue subscription only)
Combine learning and fitness with active competitions that parents and kids will enjoy together. This collection encourages family fun— and builds skill—with games like Safety Word Tag, Number Jumping, and Leaping Listening. Reproducible.

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Sept 2019–May 2020 Renewal Bonuses
A Learning Activity A Day—$20 value
Every day brings a new learning activity with this calendar. Children will pretend to be “reading spies” as they spot words around the house, count the cars they see (backward from 100!), enjoy an audiobook-and-popcorn night, and explore physics by rolling balls down a playground slide.
Kids with Character—$20 value
Create a more positive school climate with the help of this guide. You’ll provide parents with valuable information about traits such as courage, respect, independence, responsibility, and patience, along with family activities like “Face the fear factor,” “What I like about you,” and more.

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