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Reading Connection

(for families of pre-K through grade 5 students)


Improve reading skills, boost test scores, strengthen family engagement…and save $210!


Reading Connection
(Beginning Edition) + Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition) 
will help:

  • Improve reading and writing achievement
  • Boost school success—and test scores
  • Foster speaking and listening skills
  • Help children become joyful readers
  • Create a foundation for success in all subjects

Starting at $448

  • Ready to distribute to parents
  • Earth-friendly digital delivery
  • Personalized with your school name—and your name—if you like
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  • Also available in Spanish
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Improve reading skills and test scores!

Children need to read well to succeed in school—and in life. Reading Connection delivers simple tips and activities parents can use to help build a solid foundation for reading success—and build upon that foundation as children get older.

Reading Connection (Beginning Edition) for pre-K through early elementary grades:

  • Reading aloud to children
  • Developing phonological awareness and phonics skills
  • Boosting comprehension
  • Building vocabulary with games
  • Encouraging everyday writing
  • Embracing nonfiction
  • Finding books that fit your child
Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition) for upper elementary grades: 

  • Reading motivation
  • Improving vocabulary
  • Decoding strategies
  • Writing with a purpose in mind
  • Critically evaluating information
  • Enhancing fluency
  • Reading and test taking
  • Spelling tips
  • Constructing evidence-based arguments

How it works

Reading Connection (Beginning Edition) and Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition) are ready for you to share with all the families in your school community. You’ll get:

  • Monthly digital issues, September through May
  • Option to personalize with your name and the name of your school—at no extra cost
  • ADA-compliant PDFs to post on your website and/or email to parents
  • Want to provide print copies to parents? Just print out and copy the issue to send home in students’ backpacks. It’s ready to photocopy on the front and back of a single sheet—there’s no collating.
  • Spanish version available

…and our 100% no-risk guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, cancel at any time for a full refund of every cent you paid. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

You’ll get 10 free bonuses—a $200 value—when you subscribe to both editions!

Fun with Reading Comprehension—$20 value
Give parents tips and advice for helping their youngsters improve reading comprehension. Children will practice making connections, visualizing story events, drawing conclusions, and more as they enjoy fiction and nonfiction. Ready to reproduce.
A Voracious Vocabulary—$20 value
Families will enjoy this collection of games and activities that help children develop strong vocabularies. They’ll play with words encountered in language arts, math, science, and social studies—and learn new words to use in everyday conversations. Ready to reproduce.
Read Aloud!—$20 value
Youngsters become better readers when they are read to regularly. Give parents easy ways to fit read-alouds into daily life and help children get the most out of story time. Includes book picks, too. Yours to reproduce and send home.
The Reading-Writing Link—$20 value
Help students make important connections between reading and writing. With this guide, youngsters will read fiction and nonfiction—and learn techniques to use in their own writing. They’ll also discover how to read for relevant information when they write essays and reports. Reproducible.
The Wonder of Words—$20 value
Children will love words—and begin using interesting and unusual ones in their conversation and writing—with these terrific ideas. Watch vocabulary skills grow as students make word puzzles, “fish” for letters to spell words, and label household items. Reproducible.
HS1114336EBuilding Reading Comprehension—$20 value
Give parents everyday ways to boost their children’s reading comprehension. Includes skills like skimming and predicting before reading, close reading strategies that help youngsters visualize and make connections, and follow-up activities that encourage them to summarize and reflect. Yours to reproduce and send home.
HS1114336EBooks Kids Love—$20 value
Help foster reading success by giving parents suggestions for books their children will enjoy. This guide to outstanding fiction, nonfiction, and poetry includes summaries to help families choose books that match their children’s interests. Yours to reproduce.
Six Secrets of Writing Success—$20 value
What makes a story or report stand out? With this bonus, parents can help children find ways to choose topics, organize information, explore sentence structure, pick the right word to get their point across, develop a writing style, and proofread. Ready to reproduce.
The Write Stuff—$20 value
Help parents bring out the author in their child. These creative activities help youngsters add color, adventure, and humor to their writing. Includes suggestions for building lively imagination in pre-writers, too. Reproducible.
Keep Them Reading—$20 value
Show parents how to keep their children interested in reading. From leveraging youngsters’ interests to making reading a social experience and showing kids how reading helps them achieve goals, this handout is packed with motivating ideas. Reproducible.


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