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Our Pre-K–12 Bundle
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    • Improve school success
    • Foster the home and school partnership
    • Make learning fun with simple activities
    • Enhance parenting skills and discipline
    • Build positive character traits
    • Strengthen family life

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  • Monthly issues, September through May, ready to copy and distribute to parents
  • Research based and aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • FREE digital versions included
  • ADA compliant PDFs help you meet federal regulations for accessible school websites
  • Also available in Spanish
  • 20 FREE reproducible bonuses—a $400 value!
  • School Success Tip of the Day: Daily electronic tips to send to families in two versions, one for elementary schools and the other for middle and high schools
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  • Black-line masters, ready to copy and send home
  • PDFs to post on your website and/or email to parents
  • Weekly School Success Tip of the Day emails so you can post to the platform(s) of your choice in advance

Our Pre-K–12 Bundle includes the following publications:

Save time and effort on parent communications

Children are more successful when they have support from their parents. Home & School Connection gives parents practical tips so they can:

  • Show interest in their child’s education
  • Improve academic achievement
  • Nurture kindness, respect, and responsibility
  • Boost learning motivation
  • Support homework and study habits
  • Promote good behavior and self-discipline
  • Build empathy and put an end to bullying
  • Communicate effectively with teachers
Home & School Connection bonuses
HS13xx398ESteps to Homework Success—$20 value
Send home these tips for developing the habits and study skills that will help students succeed with homework. Also includes advice to parents on supporting their youngsters’ homework routines—without doing the work for them. Reproducible.
Build Better Behavior—$20 value
Better behavior at home can mean better behavior at school. With this guide, parents will discover strategies they can use to encourage self-control, set limits, and handle everyday challenges. They’ll also find suggestions for working with teachers if their children struggle with behavior at school. Yours to reproduce.
HS1114336ESupporting Your Child’s Education—$20 value
An ideal starting point for parents looking to increase their child’s success in school. This basic primer delivers real-world approaches, including practical tips for creating a positive learning environment at home, engaging in productive communication with teachers and staff, and maximizing the opportunities of parent-teacher conferences. Reproducible.
Kindness and Compassion—$20 value
When students are kind to one another, your school is safer and more pleasant—and more learning can take place. With this bonus, parents will discover ways to raise compassionate youngsters who show empathy for others, say no to bullying, and naturally perform kind acts. Ready to reproduce and send home.
Reading, Writing, & Math—$20 value
Here are 10 at-home activities that will reinforce the skills children are learning at school. Youngsters will read to learn about history and geography, celebrate a “number of the day,” write a comic strip, and more. Yours to reproduce.

Give early learners—and their parents—the best possible start

Early Years shows parents how to improve their children’s school readiness and their own parenting skills. With very little effort on your part, you can lay a positive foundation and help parents:

  • Discipline with love
  • Get children ready to read
  • Support their youngsters’ development as able, active learners
  • Instill a love of learning—the basis of academic success
  • Build their children’s cooperation and respect for others
  • Become partners with teachers and schools
  • Establish good habits—and character traits—that last a lifetime
Early Years bonuses
HS13xx398ESolutions at Home, Success in School—$20 value
When parents effectively handle common challenges at home, their children come to school better behaved and ready to learn. Send home these tips parents can use to encourage youngsters to become more independent, solve problems, and get along with others. Ready to reproduce.
ABC & 123: Exploring Letters and Numbers—$20 value
Show parents the building blocks to support their children’s reading and math development. Skills including letter recognition and number sense are explained and explored through activities that parents can incorporate into their children’s days. Yours to reproduce.
HS1114336EBringing Out Their Best—$20 value
Give parents this collection of hands-on activities to teach good character traits in ways their youngsters can understand. Activities build responsibility, respect, honesty, tolerance, and more. Yours to reproduce and send home.

Show parents how to improve their children’s school success—and behavior—during the middle years.

Middle grade children go through dramatic changes and desperately need their parents’ support. Many parents want to help, but aren’t sure what to do. With Middle Years, you can give parents the guidance they need with almost no effort on your part. Articles will help parents:

  • Understand their middle graders’ behavior
  • Build respect, responsibility, empathy, and more
  • Support homework and study skills
  • Stay involved—middle-school style
  • Set age-appropriate rules and expectations
  • Promote health and safety
  • Emphasize the importance of education
Middle Years bonuses
HS13xx398ENavigating the Middle Years—$20 value
“What happened to my sweet child?” Here’s help for that common refrain with parenting strategies like “Think before you speak,” “Model respect,” and “Compromise wisely.” You’ll make home life smoother—so middle schoolers come to class better behaved and ready to learn. Ready to reproduce.
Reading and Writing in Content Areas—$20 value
Boost students’ reading and writing skills in science, social studies, math, and literature. Includes pointers on vocabulary, comprehension tactics, when to read for main points, and when to search for details. Also offers specific ideas for writing about various subject areas. Yours to reproduce and send home.
How to Give and Get Respect—$20 value
When students are respectful, life is more pleasant for them—and for you. Give parents ideas for encouraging their children to treat others the way they’d like to be treated, respect personal differences, use good manners, and follow rules. Yours to reproduce.
Organized for School Success—$20 value
Organization is key to success in middle school. With this handout, parents and children will build routines at home that carry over to the school day. Includes tips for time management, as well as for organizing homework space and keeping track of classwork. Ready to reproduce.
Healthy & Drug Free—$20 value
Send home this guidance to keep tweens drug-free. They’ll get suggestions for managing stress and filling their free time with healthy activities. This guide also provides an overview of types of drugs parents should watch out for, safety tips to keep their kids from using them, and warning signs of possible drug use. Reproducible.

Show parents how to help their teens succeed.

Parenting a high schooler can be overwhelming—many parents think there’s nothing more they can do. Show parents how to stay involved and help their children succeed with High School Years. It’s packed with tips on:

  • Time management and homework
  • Planning for college and career
  • Supporting teens’ growing independence
  • Staying connected
  • Preventing risky behaviors
  • Building respect, responsibility, and resilience
  • Handling other tough teen challenges
High School Years bonuses
HS13xx398ERespect & Responsibility—$20 value
Parents want to raise teens who are respectful and responsible. Send home ideas that will help. This bonus provides strategies for promoting respect, as well as tips that teach accountable behavior. Includes a special section on sportsmanship. Yours to reproduce.
Three Keys to High School Success—$20 value
Show students how to use organization, time management, and studying to thrive in their classes. These practical strategies will help teens establish and maintain routines to manage the increased demands of high school. Yours to reproduce and send home.
Avoiding Risky Behaviors—$20 value
Parents of teens have a lot on their hands. Help them navigate difficult issues—like drugs, alcohol, dating, and driving—with the advice in this guide. Offers practical tips for saying no to underage drinking parties, knowing the warning signs of drug use, and more. Ready to reproduce..
Testing 1-2-3—$20 value
Help high schoolers be ready and confident on test day. This guide presents ways students can study and prepare for tests so they can do their best. They’ll find test-taking strategies, specific tips for various formats, and advice on standardized tests. Yours to reproduce.
Thinking Ahead to College—$20 value
Help your students set their sights on college. With this bonus, high schoolers and parents will learn how to plan for a future that includes higher education. They’ll find suggestions for which courses to take, how to find the right college, and where to look for financial aid. Reproducible.

School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary and Secondary Editions)

Connect with parents by sending digital tips to boost family engagement and improve school success—all year round.
School Success Tip of the Day gives you all these benefits:

  • Saves you time and effort in drafting content for your social media program: We do the work, you get the credit!
  • Cost-effective parent communication tool: You can copy and paste the tips quickly to multiple platforms
  • Two editions: Elementary (pre-K to grade 6) and Secondary (middle and high school)
  • Available in Spanish
  • Research-based tips and information
  • Easy-to-understand, short (Twitter-length), and friendly messages: Tips are simple for parents to read and to use!
School Success Tip of the Day bonuses
Bullying Q&As, Elementary Edition—$20 value
Bullying is everyone’s problem—with this bonus, you can encourage parents to become part of the solution. In a friendly question-and-answer approach, it explains just what bullying is and how to help children if they’re bullied, witness bullying, or participate in bullying themselves. Ready to reproduce.
Bullying Q&As, Secondary Edition—$20 value
An end to bullying means safer and more welcoming schools. Involve parents in prevention by providing answers to their questions. With this guide, they’ll learn what constitutes bullying, how witnesses should react, and what to do if their child is being targeted—or bullying others. Ready to reproduce.


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