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RFE Welcomes New Principals, Counselors,

and Educators

Congratulations to this year’s new principals, counselors, and educators! Whether you’re in a new role or a new school, we extend all the best wishes to you for a rewarding and successful year.


You probably have a long list of things you want to accomplish and changes you want to implement. While we can’t add more hours to your day, we can help you quickly get off to the right start with parents and help families become more involved with their youngsters’ education.

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Home & School Connection®
For parents of elementary school students

Boost parent involvement, improve student behavior, and bolster parenting skills—in the elementary school years.

Middle Years
For parents of middle and junior high students

Show parents how to enhance their children’s school success—and build better behavior—during the middle years.

High School Years
For parents of high school students

Provide practical ways for parents to help their teens succeed in school and prepare for life after graduation.