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Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition)

For parents of grades 3-5 children

Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition)
will help:

  • Improve school success—and test scores
  • Boost student achievement in math and science
  • Show parents how to stay involved
  • Keep children engaged as they encounter more complex material
  • Help families weave math and science activities into their daily lives

Starting at $229

  • FREE digital version included
  • ADA compliant
  • Also available in Spanish
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Improve children’s achievement—and test scores—in math and science!

With Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition) you can give parents ways to support your efforts and help their children succeed. They’ll get tips and activities on:

  • multiplication and division
  • fractions, decimals, and equivalency
  • perimeter, area, and volume
  • patterns and relationships
  • properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • problem solving and mathematical reasoning
  • ecosystems
  • natural resources
  • solving engineering problems
  • force, motion, and energy… and much more

Children will see that math and science are integrated—and are part of their daily lives.

Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition) is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, grades 3-5.

How it works

Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition)/em> is ready to photocopy on the front and back of a single sheet—there’s no collating. And your subscription includes a free electronic version, too. You’ll get:

  • Monthly issues, September through May
  • Option to personalize with your name and the name of your school—at no extra cost
  • Black-line master, ready to copy and send home
  • PDF to post on your website and/or email to parents
  • ADA-compliant digital version included
  • Spanish version available

…and our 100% no-risk guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, cancel at any time for a full refund of every cent you paid. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

2019–2020 Pricing

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Sept 2019–May 2020 Renewal Bonuses
I’m a Mathematician!—$20 value
Encourage girls and boys to be confident, capable, and motivated in math. Includes family activities to build math excitement at home, as well as advice to parents for talking about math in positive ways and fostering a growth mindset.
Amazing Math Games VI—$20 value
With this latest collection of math games, family members will compete to make up wacky word problems, match fractions and decimals, see who can stockpile the most pretend money, and sculpt 3-D play dough shapes for each other to identify.

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