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Math + Science Connection

For parents of pre-K through grade 5 children

Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) + Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition) will help:

  • Build a solid foundation in math and science
  • Boost school success—and test scores
  • Get parents involved right from the start
  • Nurture children’s wonder and excitement
  • Give families ways to have fun with math and science in their regular routines

Starting at $448

  • Ready to distribute to parents
  • Earth-friendly digital delivery
  • Personalized with your school name—and your name—if you like
  • ADA compliant to help you meet federal regulations for accessible school websites
  • Also available in Spanish
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Save time and effort on parent communications

Children are more successful when they have support from their parents. Math + Science Connection gives parents practical tips on:

  • counting and cardinality
  • addition and subtraction
  • place value
  • measurement and estimation
  • geometric shapes and attributes
  • problem solving
  • mathematical reasoning
  • plants and animals
  • properties of matter
  • cause and effect
  • the solar system
  • position and motion…and much more

Children will see that math and science are integrated—and are part of their daily lives.
Math + Science Connection is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, grades K-2.

How it works

Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) and Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition) are ready for you to share with all the families in your school community. You’ll get:

  • Monthly digital issues, September through May
  • Option to personalize with your name and the name of your school—at no extra cost
  • ADA-compliant PDFs to post on your website and/or email to parents
  • Want to provide print copies to parents? Just print out and copy the issue to send home in students’ backpacks. It’s ready to photocopy on the front and back of a single sheet—there’s no collating.
  • Spanish version available

…and our 100% no-risk guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, cancel at any time for a full refund of every cent you paid. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

You’ll get 10 free bonuses—a $200 value—when you subscribe to both editions!

HS13xx398EFun with Addition & Subtraction—$20 value
Send home activities that encourage youngsters to practice adding and subtracting after the school day is done. Children can paint pictures “by the number,” build 3-D cities, create stuffed-animal fact families, and more. Reproducible.
HS13xx398EFun with Multiplication & Division—$20 value
Send home activities that encourage children to practice multiplying and dividing after the school day is done. Children can play card games, build creative arrays, do “egg carton math,” and more. Ready to reproduce.
All About Place Value—$20 value
Understanding place value is a key part of gaining number sense. Give parents simple ideas for helping their children work on ones, tens, and hundreds at home. Includes a special section on “zero the placeholder.” Yours to reproduce.
Young Engineers—$20 value
Give children a taste of engineering challenges with these fun projects that will encourage youngsters to design, build, test, and rebuild. Best of all, they’ll excite your students and send them back to your classrooms ready to learn more!
Taking Math & Science Outside—$20 value
Any day of the year, math and science lessons are right outside your students’ doors! Parents will appreciate these ideas to encourage their little ones to explore math and science in fun and creative ways. Ready to reproduce and send home.
HS1114336EExploring Fractions & Decimals—$20 value
Fractions and decimals are a big part of everyday life—yet they’re tricky concepts for many youngsters. Send home these parent- and child-friendly activities to help children practice adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalencies, and using decimals. Yours to reproduce.
Family Math Time—$20 value
Help parents add math into everyday family life. Children can count coins, graph favorite foods, measure and compare family members’ heights, and much more. Yours to reproduce and send home.
What’s My Strategy?—$20 value
Take the mystery out of mathematical thinking. These tips and activities help children explain the math behind the work they’re doing. They’ll use drawings and objects to construct arguments, act out math problems, estimate to justify conclusions, and more. Ready to reproduce and send home.
HS1114336EWater, Water Everywhere!—$20 value
Splish, splash, let’s play with science! These activities and experiments allow children to discover the states of water, test “sink and float,” and explore the water cycle. Ready to reproduce.
Excellent Experiments—$20 value
When youngsters conduct science experiments, they learn to think like scientists—and they learn that science is fascinating. Your students will love the projects, and parents will thank you for the safe and easy ideas. Reproducible.


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Math + Science Connection


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