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Home & School Connection®
For parents of elementary school students

Boost parent involvement, improve student behavior, and improve parenting skills.

Home & School Connection gives me a big bang for my money. I use this as my principal page on the school website. Parents love the short easy-to-read format.”

Principal, Harrison, OH

Reading Connection is a wonderful learning tool and has so many great ideas to get parents involved in their child’s learning.”

Kathleen Thomas, Title I, Ardmore City Schools, Ardmore, OK

Reading Connection (Beginning Edition)
For parents of preschool through grade 2 students

Build a solid foundation for reading success with letter recognition, oral language, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and early writing practice.

Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition)
For parents of grades 3-5 students

Show parents how to support their children as they encounter more complex content, characters, plots, and concepts.

“I feel that the parent’s role is critical for a child’s reading success. That’s why I like Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition). It contains simple, practical ideas that busy parents can try with their children.”

Superintendent, Marlette, MI

Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) lets parents know that we consider mathematics just as important as reading.”

Virginia Stewart, Title I Coordinator, M.E. Small Elementary, West Yarmouth, MA

Math + Science Connection
(Beginning Edition)

For parents of preschool through grade 2 students

Show parents how to help their youngsters use math and science to make sense of their world.

Math + Science Connection
(Intermediate Edition)

For parents of grades 3-5 students

Help parents stay involved and keep their children engaged in math and science, as students learn more complex material and prepare for high-stakes tests.

“Our school is focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and Math + Science Connection (Intermediate Edition) is perfect for us.”

San Juanita Serna, Parent Support Specialist, Ortega Elementary, Austin, TX

Nutrition Nuggets is the best buy since the beginning of time. It’s turnkey, and they think we did it all!”

Bonnie Wheeler, Director, Littleton, CO, School District

Nutrition NuggetsTM
For parents of pre-K and elementary students

You can improve your student’s eating and exercise habits—helping them to be ready to learn—while you meet the federal mandate.

Recipes for Success
For parents of K-6 students

Practical parent-child activities that promote academic success and positive behavior.

“It’s worth every penny! Recipes for Success gives me fresh ideas that enhance my lesson plans. Activities are simple to do and cost nothing, so all of our families can use them.”

Kindergarten Teacher, Wilmington, NC