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Early Education Bundle

Our Early Education Bundle will help:

    • Get parents involved—right from the start
    • Create a foundation for a strong home and school partnership
    • Build early reading and math skills
    • Show parents how to discipline with love
    • Make learning fun with simple activities
    • Strengthen family bonds
    • Establish healthy habits and positive character traits to last a lifetime
    • Nurture the skills needed for school success

Starting at $855

  • Monthly issues, September through May, ready to copy and distribute to parents
  • Research based and aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards
  • FREE digital versions included
  • ADA compliant PDFs help you meet federal regulations for accessible school websites
  • Also available in Spanish
  • 19 FREE reproducible bonuses—a $380 value!
  • School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition): Daily electronic tips to send to families
  • Plus, our 100% no-risk guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, cancel at any time for a full refund of every cent you paid. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

How it works

Your newsletters are ready to photocopy on the front and back of single sheets—there’s no collating. And your subscription includes free electronic versions of the newsletters, too. You’ll get:

  • Option to personalize with your name and the name of your school—at no extra cost
  • Black-line masters, ready to copy and send home
  • PDFs to post on your website and/or email to parents
  • Weekly School Success Tip of the Day emails so you can post to the platform(s) of your choice in advance

Our Early Education Bundle includes the following publications:

Give early learners—and their parents—the best possible start

Early Years shows parents how to improve their children’s school readiness and their own parenting skills. With very little effort on your part, you can lay a positive foundation and help parents:

  • Discipline with love
  • Get children ready to read
  • Support their youngsters’ development as able, active learners
  • Instill a love of learning—the basis of academic success
  • Build their children’s cooperation and respect for others
  • Become partners with teachers and schools
  • Establish good habits—and character traits—that last a lifetime
Early Years bonuses
HS13xx398ESolutions at Home, Success in School—$20 value
When parents effectively handle common challenges at home, their children come to school better behaved and ready to learn. Send home these tips parents can use to encourage youngsters to become more independent, solve problems, and get along with others. Ready to reproduce.
ABC & 123: Exploring Letters and Numbers—$20 value
Show parents the building blocks to support their children’s reading and math development. Skills including letter recognition and number sense are explained and explored through activities that parents can incorporate into their children’s days. Yours to reproduce.
HS1114336EBringing Out Their Best—$20 value
Give parents this collection of hands-on activities to teach good character traits in ways their youngsters can understand. Activities build responsibility, respect, honesty, tolerance, and more. Yours to reproduce and send home.

Build math and science success—and boost test scores

Children are more successful when they have support from their parents.
Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) gives parents practical tips on:

  • counting and cardinality
  • addition and subtraction
  • place value
  • measurement and estimation
  • geometric shapes and attributes
  • problem solving
  • mathematical reasoning
  • plants and animals
  • properties of matter
  • cause and effect
  • the solar system
  • position and motion…and much more

Children will see that math and science are integrated—and are part of their daily lives.
Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, grades K-2.

Math + Science Connection (Beginning Edition) bonuses
HS13xx398EFun with Addition & Subtraction—$20 value
Send home activities that encourage youngsters to practice adding and subtracting after the school day is done. Children can paint pictures “by the number,” build 3-D cities, create stuffed-animal fact families, and more. Reproducible.
Family Math Time—$20 value
Help parents add math into everyday family life. Children can count coins, graph favorite foods, measure and compare family members’ heights, and much more. Yours to reproduce and send home.
HS1114336EWater, Water Everywhere!—$20 value
Splish, splash, let’s play with science! These activities and experiments allow children to discover the states of water, test “sink and float,” and explore the water cycle. Ready to reproduce.
All About Place Value—$20 value
Understanding place value is a key part of gaining number sense. Give parents simple ideas for helping their children work on ones, tens, and hundreds at home. Includes a special section on “zero the placeholder.” Yours to reproduce.
Taking Math & Science Outside—$20 value
Any day of the year, math and science lessons are right outside your students’ doors! Parents will appreciate these ideas to encourage their little ones to explore math and science in fun and creative ways. Ready to reproduce and send home.

Improve reading skills and test scores!

Children need to read well to succeed in school—and in life. Reading Connection (Beginning Edition) delivers simple tips and activities parents can use to help build a solid foundation for reading success. Articles cover:

  • reading aloud to children
  • tips to build comprehension
  • vocabulary-building games
  • developing phonemic awareness and phonics skills
  • embracing nonfiction
  • finding books that fit your child
  • everyday writing
Reading Connection (Beginning Edition) bonuses
HS13xx398EComprehension Boosters—$20 value
Give parents tips and advice for helping their youngsters improve reading comprehension. Children will practice making connections, visualizing story events, drawing conclusions, and more as they enjoy fiction and nonfiction. Ready to reproduce.
The Wonder of Words—$20 value
Children will love words—and begin using interesting and unusual ones in their conversation and writing—with these terrific ideas. Watch vocabulary skills grow as students make word puzzles, “fish” for letters to spell words, and label household items. Reproducible.
HS1114336EBooks Kids Love—$20 value
Help foster reading success by giving parents suggestions for books their children will enjoy. This guide to outstanding fiction, nonfiction, and poetry includes summaries to help families choose books that match their children’s interests. Yours to reproduce.
The Write Stuff—$20 value
Help parents bring out the author in their child. These creative activities help youngsters add color, adventure, and humor to their writing. Includes suggestions for building lively imagination in pre-writers, too. Reproducible.
Read Aloud!—$20 value
Youngsters become better readers when they are read to regularly. Give parents easy ways to fit read-alouds into daily life and help children get the most out of story time. Includes book picks, too. Yours to reproduce and send home.

Help families build healthy habits at home—and help your district meet the Local Wellness Policy mandate

Students with healthy eating and exercise habits have higher test scores, better attendance, improved concentration, fewer discipline referrals, and greater overall achievement. Nutrition Nuggets gives you an easy way to show parents how to improve nutrition and physical fitness at home. Every issue is filled with practical ideas for:

  • preparing nutritious meals on a tight schedule and tight budget
  • smart snacking
  • finding time for exercise—and ways to make it fun
  • boosting vegetables and whole grains
  • making nutritious foods appealing
  • physical activities families can do together
  • teaching kids about healthy choices
Nutrition Nuggets bonuses
HS13xx398ENutrition Q&As—$20 value
Help parents boost their children’s wellness with these answers to common questions. Covers which foods and drinks to encourage (or avoid), how to get children to make nutritionally sound choices, ways youngsters can handle food allergies, and more. Reproducible.
Power Up! Power Down!—$20 value
Help parents get their youngsters off the couch—and active—every day. This guide offers proven tips for reducing screen time and suggests alternatives children will like. Ready to reproduce.
HS1114336EQuick—and Healthy—Recipes—$20 value
Give parents easy ways to serve nutritious foods with these no-fuss ideas. Contains recipes that are simple to follow, have just a few ingredients, and take little time. Plus, they produce healthy meals and snacks that kids are sure to like! Yours to reproduce and send home.
Active Inside or Outside—$20 value
No matter the weather, children need to be active every day. Give families these creative games and activities to try—they’re sure to be habit-forming! The front page features outdoor ideas, while the back page covers the indoors. Reproducible.
Family Cooking = Learning Fun—$20 value
When kids help make nutritious food, they’re more likely to eat the results. This bonus suggests ways to involve youngsters in planning and preparing meals—and boost their math, reading, and science skills at the same time. Ready to reproduce.

School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition)

Connect with parents by sending digital tips to boost family engagement and improve school success—all year round.
School Success Tip of the Day gives you all these benefits:

  • Saves you time and effort in drafting content for your social media program: We do the work, you get the credit!
  • Cost-effective parent communication tool: You can copy and paste the tips quickly to multiple platforms
  • Available in Spanish
  • Research-based tips and information
  • Easy-to-understand, short (Twitter-length), and friendly messages: Tips are simple for parents to read and to use!
School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition) bonus
Bullying Q&As, Elementary Edition—$20 value
Bullying is everyone’s problem—with this bonus, you can encourage parents to become part of the solution. In a friendly question-and-answer approach, it explains just what bullying is and how to help children if they’re bullied, witness bullying, or participate in bullying themselves. Ready to reproduce.


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