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Get ALL the parent involvement newsletters that will help you ensure success for your students—and your school—for one low price.

With every “bundle” you get:

  • Practical tips and valuable guidance to send home to parents for the grade range or subject areas of your choice.
  • Research-based activities and information that promote school success, effective parenting, positive character traits, healthy habits, and much more.
  • Monthly digital newsletters to send to parents, September through May. Post the ADA-compliant PDFs on your website, email them to families, or print and make copies to send home.
  • Spanish versions available.
  • FREE bonus issues to share with parents—up to a $1,100 value!
  • And a 100% guarantee: If at any time you are not satisfied, you may cancel and get all your money back.

Plus, each subscription comes with School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary and/or Secondary Edition): Daily digital tips to post to your school website, parent portal, social media accounts, or text messaging service—all year round!

Choose the best parent involvement package for your school:

Pre-K–12 Bundle
Includes School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary and Secondary Editions)

Pre-K–12 Bundle

This bundle is perfect for school districts of all sizes or for schools that serve students in all grades. It includes four newsletters, each one targeted to parents facing the unique challenges and joys of children in these grades: 1) pre-K and kindergarten; 2) elementary school; 3) middle or junior high school; and 4) high school. PLUS, you’ll get the Elementary and Secondary Editions of our new daily digital parent communication system, School Success Tip of the Day.

Elementary Education Bundle

Choose this bundle to meet all your parent involvement needs at the K–6 level. Includes the flagship Home & School Connection, along with newsletters targeted to reading and writing, math and science, and nutrition and fitness—and a daily digital tip service to reach parents by text message, social media, parent portal, or website.

Elementary Education Bundle
Includes School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition)

Secondary Education Bundle
Includes School Success Tip of the Day (Secondary Edition)

Secondary Education Bundle

Encourage parents to stay involved in their children’s education in the middle and high school years. Practical tips and guidance will help boost school success, improve behavior, prepare students for career and college, and keep teens and tweens safe and healthy.

Early Education Bundle

Inspire parents to instill a love of learning in their youngsters. This bundle will help families lay a foundation for reading and math skills, build social and executive function skills needed for school success, and encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

Early Education Bundle
Includes School Success Tip of the Day (Elementary Edition)

Language Arts Bundle

Show parents how to help their children become proficient—and joyful—readers with two newsletters written especially for families of elementary school students. Send home practical tips and easy-to-follow suggestions to boost reading and writing skills—and test scores. Also included in the bundle is Home & School Connection, which sets the stage for the enjoyment of learning and prepares students to focus on reading and writing.

STEM Bundle

Bring home the fun—and learning—of science, technology, engineering, and math with two newsletters designed for parents of elementary school students. Both are filled with terrific activities and practical tips to improve student skills and test scores. Also included in the bundle is Home & School Connection, which helps families build a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning in STEM and every discipline.

Nutrition & Fitness Bundle

Send home ways parents can improve their children’s nutrition and fitness at home—and help your district meet the federal mandate for progress under your Local School Wellness Policy. One newsletter is designed for elementary schools and the other for middle and high schools.

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