Showing parents how to help their children succeed

Serving schools and families since 1990

We’ve got you covered at this difficult time. Whether your students are attending school in person, remotely, or both ways, the tips and information you’ll send to families will be on target. Parents will find advice for supporting their children’s school success and social-emotional learning as they navigate the changes and disruptions from COVID-19. Also, We are making free resources available for schools to distribute to parents. Feel free to email or text these tips or links to families, post these resources on your school website, or add them to future communications you plan to send home. Click here for resources.

Our mission

Since 1990, Resources for Educators has been working to build close partnerships between families and schools. More than 20,000 educators depend on our proven parent involvement publications to give help and support to the 8 million families they serve.

We realize that today’s parents are often so busy and overwhelmed that it’s difficult for them to take the time to get involved in their children’s education. And some of them don’t know how to help their children succeed.

That’s why our newsletters use short articles and inviting illustrations that offer helpful suggestions parents can incorporate into their daily lives.

From September through May, readers get practical, age-appropriate tips and ideas that today’s busy families can use to:

  • Improve school success.
  • Boost the home and school partnership.
  • Enhance parenting skills.
  • Build positive character traits.
  • Develop healthy eating and fitness habits.

Take a look at our personalized, reproducible newsletters to see how we can help you meet your parent involvement needs.

Marcy Levin-Epstein