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Students need to read well to succeed. Reading Connection delivers tips and activities to support children’s reading, writing, and language development. Articles emphasize comprehension skills, vocabulary development, fluency, and more. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Reading Connection (Beginning Edition)
For parents of preschool through grade 2 students

Build a solid foundation for reading success with letter recognition, oral language, vocabulary, phonemic awareness, and early writing practice.

Reading Connection is a wonderful learning tool and has so many great ideas to get parents involved in their child’s learning.”

Kathleen Thomas, Title I, Ardmore City Schools, Ardmore, OK

“I feel that the parent’s role is critical for a child’s reading success. That’s why I like Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition). It contains simple, practical ideas that busy parents can try with their children.”

Superintendent, Marlette, MI

Reading Connection (Intermediate Edition)
For parents of grades 3-5 students

Show parents how to support their children as they encounter more complex content, characters, plots, and concepts.