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We’ve got you covered at this difficult time. Whether your students are attending school in person, remotely, or both ways, the tips and information you’ll send to families will be on target. Parents will find advice for supporting their children’s school success and social-emotional learning as they navigate the changes and disruptions from COVID-19. Also, We are making free resources available for schools to distribute to parents. Feel free to email or text these tips or links to families, post these resources on your school website, or add them to future communications you plan to send home. Click here for resources.

Learning activities

One of the most meaningful ways to get parents involved in their children’s education is through parent-child learning activities. Recipes for Success gives families hours of fun, low- to no-cost activities that strengthen academics, family life, study skills, and character.

Recipes for Success
For parents of K-6 students

Practical parent-child activities that promote academic success and positive behavior.

“It’s worth every penny! Recipes for Success gives me fresh ideas that enhance my lesson plans. Activities are simple to do and cost nothing, so all of our families can use them.”

Kindergarten Teacher, Wilmington, NC