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How does this subscription work?

Our publications are reproducible. Simply stated, this means we send you one black-line master per month, and you make copies for your school or district. Many of our schools mail the newsletters with a school calendar, progress report, or menu so parents don’t miss any of this critical information for helping their children succeed.

Tip: Photocopy the newsletter on colored paper to help it stand out. You can print the two pages of the black-line master onto the front and back of a single sheet so there’s no collating. And while many schools have gone green, subscribers often tell us that they send it home both ways—in print and digitally—to reach the most parents.

Can I get the newsletters electronically?

Certainly. When you subscribe, you’ll be given access to a website where you can download PDFs of your personalized issues. You can post the PDFs to your school site or email them to parents.

Tip: If you post the newsletter to your school website, be sure to tell parents the new issue is there, and include a link. Whether you communicate with parents through email, Facebook, Twitter, or text, pushing a notice to them with a link they can easily click will increase the likelihood that they will come to your site and read the issue.

What is the personalization?
Your free personalization is a great way to let parents know you care. You get two lines at the top of each issue for your name and school, or a motto. You get the credit for sending home these helpful tips.
Do you publish your newsletters in any other languages?
Yes! All of our newsletters are currently available in Spanish as well as English. If you add the Spanish version to your subscription, you’ll receive one English master and one Spanish master each month to make sure you reach all your parents.
How can I change my personalization or contact information?

Please call us at 800-394-5052 or send an email to

I subscribed—how can I access my issues electronically?

Go to and enter your customer number and the password you were provided with your first issue. If you can’t find those credentials, feel free to call us at 800-394-5052.

When are the newsletters mailed?
Subscriptions run September through May. Each month we’ll send you a personalized, black-line master of the issue. The issues are mailed early in the month prior to the cover date, giving you plenty of time to review and reproduce them. For example, the September issue is mailed at the beginning of August.
Who writes your newsletters?
We have a wonderful team of fellow educators and seasoned journalists who understand the issues and challenges facing today’s parents.
How can I give you my ideas or comments?

We always want to hear from our subscribers. You can give your editorial ideas, comments, or suggestions to us by sending an email to or feel free to give us a call at 800-394-5052. Your comments make a difference!

What’s the difference between a single-school subscription and a district subscription?

Since our publications are copyrighted, we give subscribers a license to reproduce them based on the number of copies you’ll be making each month. A single-school subscription allows you to reproduce the issues for one school building only. This means your own personalized newsletter will be sent directly to your school each month. A district subscription allows you to reproduce each issue for the parents of students in more than one building according to the district size you select. One black-line master is sent to the district subscriber, who distributes it throughout the district.  If you’d like to know more about district pricing, please call our Customer Care department at 800-394-5052.

This is reproducible, but there’s a copyright. How does that work?

When you subscribe, you get a copyright license that will be valid for the school year. You may reproduce each issue for your school or district, depending on the subscription size you purchase.

You are permitted to distribute the newsletters in their entirety in print or PDF digital formats to the parents of the students in your school or district. Distribution of the PDF newsletter is permitted by posting to your school website or emailing as attachments to the parents. Newsletters posted to your website must be removed at the end of the school year. You may also include specific articles from our newsletters in your school’s newsletter as long as you note that the material is copyrighted material of Resources for Educators, a division of CCH Incorporated.

The newsletters are copyrighted materials of CCH Incorporated and its licensors, all rights reserved. Except for the authorized use set forth above, you may not copy, modify, or distribute the newsletters, or edit the PDF versions, without the express written consent of the Resources for Educators division of CCH Incorporated. Any unauthorized use may violate applicable copyright laws.

If you have any questions, please contact Resources for Educators at 800-394-5052.

Why am I getting an invoice for sales tax?

Most schools are tax exempt, but many states require us to have a valid tax exempt certificate on hand. (And some states actually do require schools to pay sales tax.) If you’ve gotten an invoice that includes sales tax and would like it removed, please send us a copy of your tax exempt certificate. Please include your invoice number or customer number so we can be sure to get the tax removed from your account.

Fax it to 540-636-4045 or email it to

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What I like most about Home & School Connection are the interesting articles, the entertaining format, and the easy readability. These are so important to today’s busy parents.

Principal, Kingsland, GA

I would highly recommend Home & School Connection to all elementary schools. I have had parents call and send me letters to specifically express their appreciation for the newsletter and request that they continue to receive it.

Principal, Okeechobee, FL

Parents really enjoy receiving Middle Years. Best of all, we don’t have to write it—we just photocopy the issues and send them home!

Counselor, Columbus, GA